Sukoon Parikram (Travel Campaign)

Travel and tourism is important for experience gaining and exposure. But why should it be limited to adults and extravagant tours? Travel and tour should be a crucial part of the curriculum for children as it has innumerable benefits and provides them with great opportunities. Children are the most impressionable members of our society. Keeping them confined to their home town without giving them opportunities to travel is unfair. Sukoon Parikram is a campaign by Simmi Foundation that provides children with opportunities to travel and gain experience for educational purposes. Traveling, entails many benefits, it provides students with exposure to the real world, gives them a chance to live alone, and simultaneously learn so much in a virtual as well as practical manner. Simmi foundation stands for this cause, giving opportunities to children to get a taste of life and tourism.


  • Help students to learn through visual and practical experience.
  • Encourage them to explore new things and take risks.
  • Educate students in an interesting and new manner
  • Fun and recreative
  • Experiencing new opportunities and being put into new situations,helps in their overall development as they get exposure to different climatic and cultural variations.