Sanskritik Setu (Cultural Campaign)

One of the things we love about India is it's diversity in cultures, languages, dresses, food etc. There is a different kind of beauty lying in every state, city and province. Simmi Foundation believes in giving their children a glimpse of these cultures so that they can fall in love with them too. Cultural participation promotes lifelong benefits, showcasing a completely different world to the children. Where they can develop hobbies and passions for a lifetime. Our campaign, Sanskritik Setu, cultural participation has more benefits than we can imagine. We urge children to participate in cultural fests showcasing their talents, hoping to nip this fear right in the bud! It teaches our children about the dance forms of different cultures, the traditional dresses worn by them, more importantly teaches them the value of friendship, overcoming the fear of stage fright and the essence of healthy competition.