Kalaakaar Manch (Artistic Campaign)

Every student deserves the opportunity to go beyond the world of academics. To showcase their talents on stage and getting the experience of performances. This is why Simmi Foundation has started a campaign called Kalaakaar Manch- a stage for all our young aspirants to explore and reinvent themselves. We believe that talents can be boundless. They need not be confined to just academics or sports. Simmi foundation wants to show their support and encouragement towards children and aid them in showcasing their talents on stage and getting the rush of adrenaline. Cultural performances, dramas, photography, street plays are very important to participate in. They allow children to express themselves in the most unconventional way ever. This provides a new channel for children to explore themselves, their interests,their dislikes and much more.

Objectives -

  • Eradication of stage fear
  • An opportunity to learn/ enhance creative skills
  • The motivation for students
  • Source of recreation
  • Make new friends

    • List of Art Events-

      • Photography
      • Street show
      • Stand-up comedy
      • Painting
      • Dance
      • Drama
      • Digital Art
      • Music
      • And others


      • Professionally trained instructors.
      • Exhibition and certification ceremony would be held.
      • Materials will be provided to all.