Khel Sangathan (Sports Campaign)

We at simmi foundation believe that sports instill values in children which cannot be done otherwise. Like true sportsmanship, being a team player and practicing healthy competition. Our campaign Khel Sangathan preaches these values throughout! Sports can be rough like dodgeball, basketball, it can be gentle like badminton or lawn tennis. Sports is as dynamic as we would want it to be. The options are endless. It is our duty to showcase these qualities of sports amongst our impressionable children and open their minds to new possibilities! Nowadays, with the advancement in technology more and more children are getting engrossed in video games than a game outside. It's important to remind them the importance of sports and the joy and happiness it brings with it.


  1. We provide specialized coaching facilities for different sports activities, ensuring the child gets the best.
  2. The coaching from start to finish, is done by certified coaches and trainers, the child will be in good hands.
  3. Healthy competitions are organized for games like cricket, football and many more.
  4. Students of all age groups are welcome and encouraged to participate.